Send Me Your Writing!

I happen to be one of those very strange writers who LOVES writing query letters, pitches and synopses. If you’re one of those very normal writers who HATES writing query letters, pitches and synopses, I can help you! With my boundless enthusiasm! And words and skills and stuff!

Interested? Here are the packages I offer:


Are you weary of your query? I can help you take it from soupy to snappy!

This package includes: me reading your query, me giving you in-line notes on how to make your query shine, and me reading your query again. Rinse and repeat for maximum requests.

Price: $25


Is your synopsis killing your synapses? WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. Hand it over to me and save your brain. You know you want to.

This package includes: me reading your synopsis, me giving you in-line notes on how to make your synopsis synapse-friendly, and me reading your synopsis again after revisions.  

Price: $75



Hayley was my mentor and I developed so much as a writer while learning from her. Her feedback was always thoughtful and insightful on the big picture level as well as specific points of both praise and critique. She was so supportive, but also honest about what I could do to improve. She truly cared about my success and growth, and her enthusiasm made me that much more excited to develop my craft. Also, she’s an incredibly kind, wonderful person and it was just a joy to work with her.  - Aimee



Please use my contact form to book or to ask questions! 

I look forward to working with you!

PS. I only accept payment via PayPal. All prices are in USD.