twenty-nine things i've learnt in twenty-nine years

1.       Read books you actually want to read.

2.       If a book gets boring halfway through, put it down.

3.       Joy is a compass.

4.       Ask for what you want.

5.       It’s okay to want things.

6.       When people who love you ask how you feel, tell them truthfully.

7.       If you want to try something new, don’t overthink it. Just begin.

8.       Hard work beats connections.

9.       Kindness beats charm.

10.   Feminism must mean intersectional feminism.

11.   Eat intuitively.

12.   It’s okay to eat.

13.   Don’t have too many apps on your phone.

14.   Treat your body with respect.

15.   It’s okay for creative work to feel like play.

16.   It’s okay for creative work to feel like work.

17.   You can do a lot in 15 minutes.

18.   Other women are not your competition.

19.   You don’t have to be underweight to dance. Or eat. Or be loved.

20.   Beauty is a myth. Wear lipstick on your own terms.

21.   One email can change your life.

22.   Always hope.

23.   Don’t shrink yourself to make other people feel better about themselves.

24.   You like what you like. Own it.

25.   It’s actually okay if someone doesn’t like you.

26.   Like yourself. Try hard for this.

27.   Most of life can’t fit into any box you make. Let things be.

28.   Going outside always helps.

29.   Notice things. It makes your life richer.